The strong yearning of bringing the people out of the vortex of unhealthy eating culture lead us explore the real alternative.

The trait of cooking and eating in Groups originated from the Neolithic people has been captured by us with all its glory and hidden value.

It is the unique concept of cooking on direct charcoal fire in an exclusive modern technology equipment where the heat is allowed to penetrate into the well marinated meat to cook from all directions.

Our Menu has been worked out to suit Indian, European, Continental and Chinese Customers from every part of the world. This MENU plan has a definite vision of taking our Restaurants to every part of the Globe in the coming days. And it is for sure that our customers will be satisfied and we shall say proudly and happily that Every Tongue has tasted and enjoyed our food with complete satisfaction.

1. Tradition, Taste, Aroma, Speed, and the complete food solution ā€“ the concept to be special to the industry in all respects. When people enjoy the food cooked on Charcoal fire, the availability of true charcoal cooked food has been a difficult task all these days in restaurants. Our special dishes are Basa Fish, Chicken in Four Flavours and Great Kebabs.
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2.We burn your calories before you eat your food. It is just not about eating our food and it is an experience the good old days when people lived with rich and healthy food. Our food brings a pleasant feeling after the meal. Our special items include the Prawns, Lamb and Paneer & Mushrooms on Skewers.

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